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Opening Special

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Back in April we offered everyone a choice of either a free braking system inspection, or a free coolant system inspection at our West Memphis location. Obviously it would have been impractical for anyone in Jonesboro to drive two hours round trip if all you needed was a free inspection, but don’t worry I’ve already thought about that. I don’t want anyone in Jonesboro to… Read More »Opening Special

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The New Shop on the Jonesboro Block

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That’s right, German Auto Tech is coming to Jonesboro, but please, contain your excitement – we don’t want to hurt the feelings of any other car repair shops in the area. Many of you have visited our original location in West Memphis, AR, in order to receive the best care with the best warranty available, and we very much appreciate your patronage! But an hour… Read More »The New Shop on the Jonesboro Block